Couples and relationship therapy

Relationships. One if the most important factor for mental wellbeing is having good and loving relationships. Individuals that are able to support us through life. I don’t just think about love relationships, but about all the relationships we have. With parents, children, friends, siblings, colleagues and of course couple relationships of all different constellations.

Who do you become in your various relationships?  How do we care for them? How do we resolve conflicts and how do we interact in a loving and empathetic way? How do we appreciate and support our partner, without losing ourselves and our needs and our core values.  How do we tend to the spark in our relationship and manage to maintain healthy and loving boundaries?

And how do we know when to seek help or when it’s time to let go. How do we end a relationship without losing ourselves? How do we build our important relationship while maintaining respect for ourselves and each other? How do we build bridges and meet in the middle? The questions are many and the answers are not always obvious. My task is to guide you to a loving, trusting and honest communication.

How does it work? We focus on your needs as a couple and individuals. You can choose to go together, but also have individual sessions. To allow enough time is important; between h 1,5 – 2, or perhaps even more. We find effective, loving ways to interact and communicate and solve conflicts together. I create a safe space where you are allowed to grow as a couple.

“With trust, compassion, honesty and respect, we build loving and sustainable relationships”
Susanne Craske-Karlsson