Coaching, Counseling & Therapy


Do you need help defining your goals and dreams and finding the tools to achieve them?

Do you feel that you need inspiration and a new way of relating to yourself, your relationships, and your life?

My name is Susanne Craske-Karlsson and I am a Dipl coach, Dipl Therapist, Dipl couple and relationship therapist and Dipl Supervisor in Psychosynthesis.

Perhaps you are currently going through a challenging time in your life. Grief is often associated with the death of a loved one, but we also grieve when going through separations, voluntary or involuntary.  And if we lose our job or have to move.

Are you experiencing feelings of worry and anxiety? Or maybe you have a desire to change and break negative and limiting patterns. Do you understand your attachment patterns and how it affects you in your relationships? And how you relate to your surroundings and to yourself?

As your therapist/coach/supervisor, I focus on your needs and wishes. These can for e.g. consist of strengthening your self-esteem, awakening your creativity and regaining balance in your relationships, both in your private life and in your professional life. I help you turn problems into opportunities using the powerful tools of psychosynthesis.

A few words on Psychosyntesis Therapy and how it works:
Psychosynthesis is a tool for personal development, a transpersonal psychology and therapeutic approach, in which the psychological and spiritual perspectives can converge. Psychosynthesis sees the whole individual, the body, the intellect and the soul. Coaching and therapy based on psychosynthesis means becoming aware of what happens when we end up in various crises or seek change in our lives. It aids us in understanding our reactions, both mentally and physically, and how we can make mindful choices that puts us in the direction that benefits our growth, both as an individual and in our relationships.

What is the difference between coaching and therapy?
In coaching, you focus on the present and future in order to find your goal and the tools that suit you best.  Therapy and counselling also concentrate on the past, to see patterns and understand reactions etc. Sometimes it can be difficult to know what you need. Then it is a great advantage to turn to a therapist who can handle both therapy and coaching and has knowledge on IPNB.

Interpersonal Neurobiology is a research field that is focusing on how our brain is formed in interaction with our relationships and our consciousness – and how all three influence each other throughout life.

All conversations take place under strict confidentiality!

About Psychosynthesis
Within psychosynthesis, the human being is looked upon with a holistic point of view, as a whole, where body, soul, emotions and intellect are in intimate interaction with each other. How that interaction works is crucial for your well-being, both psychologically and physically.

Dr. Roberto Assagioli laid the foundation for Psychosynthesis nearly 100 years ago. Dr. Assagioli was an Italian physician who used both proven and new techniques from a variety of psychological schools; everything from psychoanalysis and medicine to philosophy, religion and modern science.

Dr. Assagioli encouraged his students to be open and responsive to all kinds of teachings. This unique holistic thinking is the basis for Psychosynthesis’ and a dynamic starting point for personal development.

Psychosynthesis is much more than just a form of psychology, it is an attitude to life, a way of approaching the whole. As a Licenced Psychosynthesis Therapist at HumaNova, I have received a solid and broad education that also focuses on the therapist’s own personal growth, to better enable the therapist to guide the client.

Developing competent and empathetic therapists in Psykosynthesis is an extensive task that HumaNova attaches great importance to. Here, not only the theoretical knowledge is emphasized, but also the importance of the alliance between client and therapist where healing occur.

Walk & Talk

A walkandtalk is a therapy session that takes place in nature. We go for a walk together and let the healing powers of mother nature help the process along. Perhaps with an element of walking meditation.